About Us


Nurol Holding, keeps going its activities in the energy sector in addition to its contracting and infrastructure projects.

Based on our conviction that the renewable energy resources will take their rightful place in importance and share in Turkey just as they do in the world, these projects are very important for our Group, especially hydroelectric power plant projects due to our experience and knowledge in the field of construction of them.

Nurol Energy has been actively engaged in works to develop and realize various power plant projects based on renewable energy sources.

Nurol Energy considers the synergies created by domestic and foreign partnerships in energy projects where finance and experience is an important factor. In this respect, we have been carrying out studies based on cooperation or exchange of information with domestic and foreign energy companies.

In cooperation with another local company, Enova Energy was established and put in operation Ceyhan HEPP with 63 MW capacity in 2010 and electricity trading business has been initiated. Afterward in 2012, through acquisition via privatization. Göksu HEPP with installed capacity of 10,8 MW has been added to generation portfolio.

In addition, based on the successful efforts and international experience in executing international projects of Nurol Group of Companies; Nurol Energy is interested in renewable energy projects in the countries in the region