Nurol Enerji A.Ş.
Nurol Enerji A.Ş.
Being fully aware of the fact that Turkey can only achieve its development objectives by its ability to secure clean, environmentally friendly, and good quality sufficient level of energy in addition to its contracting and infrastructure projects, Nurol Holding established an energy company under the name “Nurol Energy Production and Marketing Inc.” for the purpose of contributing to the energy sector.
Against the background of ongoing privatization and restructuring activities in the fields of production, transmission and distribution in the energy sector in Turkey, Nurol Energy Production and Marketing Inc. continues its activities in a manner to establish a footprint among the independent energy producers. In this regard, the Company has been actively engaged in works for the realization of various power plants based on different resources like water, natural gas, coal, heating oil, solar, wind.

Nurol Group of Companies Catalogue

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Nurol Group of Companies has always been proud of the quality of social and economic values it has created through its half a century of business experience, its services in 5 different sectors ranging from trade to defense, from construction to machinery and manufacturing, from tourism to finance, its participations and affiliated companies, and over 20,000 native and foreign employees.

Nurol Construction with its over USD300 millions worth machines park, and field of activities expanding into three continents covering the Russian Federation and the Turkic Republics; from the Gulf countries to Northern Africa, and from Georgia to Bulgaria enjoys the status of being a world company.

FNSS, as the first private sector defense industry entity has an export potential nearing one billion dollars.

Nurol Machinery has been manufacturing high quality products made by its most up-to-date manufacturing technology in the fields of defense and security for over 30 years.

Nurol Steel with its 12,000 tons of production capacity takes its righful place among the leading Turkish companies in the sector.

Nurol Technology focuses on nanotechnology and its applications at its fully automated modern manufacturing facilities in order to cater to the needs of defense industry, aviation, energy, medicine, automotive products, textile, metallurgy and chemicals.

Nurol Club Salima Resort Village continues to offer a warm atmosphere with its 1100 bed capacity in Antalya Kemer to its guests coming from all around the world.

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Hydroelectric Power Plants
First HEPP investment was realized via project company ‘Enova Energy’, on Ceyhan river with Oşkan and Berkman run of river type cascaded power plants which have total installed capacity of 62 MW. Afterwards, Göksu HEPP, which has 10,8 MW installed capacity, was taken over via privatization tender. Total annual production capacity of the power plants is 310 GWh.
Natural Gas Power Plants
In our production portfolio, a combined cycle natural gas power plant investment is considered in accordance with long-term strategies according to the restructuring of energy market.
Coal Fired Thermal Power Plants
Project site selection and feasibility studies are in progress for imported coal fired thermal power plant installation. Also, potential lignite fired thermal power plant projects are assessed and local royalty fee based tenders are followed.
Electricity Wholesale Trading
Market activities are carried on according to the requirements of eligible consumers via other wholesale trading companies. It is aimed to maintain stable and steady growth in the wholesale trading market.
Solar Energy

Solar measurements are carried on in various parts of Turkey. License applications will be made according to the schedule defined by regulations.

In order to meet the increasing natural gas demand of Turkey depending on the increasing energy consumption, an LNG receiving terminal project is under development at İskenderun Bay.
Consultancy and supervising servies are provided to the group companies in order to set up cogeneration/trigeneration systems.